Performance audit, as the instrument assessing the efficiency of programmes in the public administration of Romania

Geschäftsmann, der ein wachsendes 3D-Diagramm über einem Tablet analysiert

Project description



Provision of technical support to CHUPIA to contribute to sustaining and augmenting the overall quality of public administration in Romania through the introduction of performance auditing in the Romanian public administration with the aim to ensure consistency between goals and means across sectors and increasing the impact of reform policies.


  • Methodology for performance auditing and training of internal auditors developed
  • Training of internal auditors and training of trainers programme developed and implemented
  • Methodology in pilot ministries applied
  • Creation of an internal audit culture in the public administration on central and local level

Project video:


Central Harmonization Unit for Public Internal Audit (CHUPIA) of the Romanian Ministry of Public Finance
Funding programme:
SRSP (Structural Reform Support Programme); Predecessor of TSI (Technical Support Instrument)
Implementation period:
January 2019 – March 2021

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