Strengthening public procurement practices in Georgia

Glockenturm der Kathedrale der Heiligen Dreifaltigkeit von Tiflis (allgemein bekannt als Sameba). Tiflis, Georgien.

Project description



The overall objective of this project is to support Georgia in developing and maintaining a transparent, non-discriminatory, competitive public procurement system in line with the EU’s and international best standards that – from a long-term perspective – will let Georgia become a part of the EU public procurement market, leading to greater opportunities for EU companies to participate in Georgian public procurement and vice versa.


  • Provide quality assurance and enhancement of the Georgian State Procurement Agency’s (SPA) institutional, human and technical capacities
  • Facilitate the approximation of the Georgian public procurement legislation with the relevant Union acquis (as defined by the AA/DCFTA)
  • Introduce EU and international best practices within this framework


Government of Georgia
Funding programme:
The Technical Cooperation Facility (TCF) II
Implementation period:
January 2019 – April 2021

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