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Interface between public administration and the business world

The administrative projects conducted by aed are also designed to raise awareness of Austrian products and services in the partner countries. With the involvement of its members, aed will establish an interface to the Austrian business community in these funded reform projects. This interface function ensures timely information about export potential arising during and after Austrian-led administrative projects. Austrian companies are thus in a position to become involved early on and position themselves for investment projects in target countries. The Austrian Economic Chambers and the Federation of Austrian Industries have supported this idea from the outset by posting trainees at aed.

aed is committed to closing the gap between business and public administration in the sphere of funded reform projects in accordance with international best practice:

  • aed members, partners and experts benefit from know-how provided by aed.
  • aed assists with building new networks and strengthening existing ones.
  • aed has access to the key stakeholders at the national and international level, in particular to major funding bodies, institutions, public authorities, NGOs as well as business and industry.
  • aed supports a transparent exchange of information about project-related ideas and activities.

Raising awareness of Austrian products and services in target countries, in close cooperation with ATC – Austrian Technology Corporation GmbH – the lead organization of Austrian technology firms from a wide variety of sectors, open to all interested companies.

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