EMPACT Task Force Western Balkans


Project description:



The Task Force was installed by the Ministers of Interior of the Balkan Route in 2018. Members of the Task Force are AL, BA, CH, ME, MK, RS, UK, BG, CZ, EL, ES, HR, HU, IT, PL, SE, SI, SK, DE and AT. Moreover, the Joint Operational Office in Vienna manages the activities of the Task Force in close cooperation with Europol’s EMSC, FRONTEX as well as EUROJUST. The Mission and objectives of this task force are targeting OCGs, High Value Targets and key facilitators residing, being active in the Western Balkans and to work out effective strategies to prevent such a migration crisis that was experienced in 2015 as well as working out a flexible mechanism to react on the new routes in the Western Balkan region. A special focus is given to those migrant categories that are stranded in Turkey. The Low Value Grant of the Operational Action Plan 2021 focused on the facilitation of illegal immigration.



  • Fill intelligence gaps
  • Develop disruptive strategies (Social Media Monitoring)
  • Identify High Value Targets and run OTFs
  • Operational Planning for EMPACT Actions Days 2022 and JADs in FII


Multi Country
Criminal Intelligence Service Austria Federal Police Headquarters Germany
Funding programme:
Implementation period:
November 2021 – January 2022

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