European Union Support to the Rule of Law in Montenegro (EUROL 3)

Project description


The overall objective of the Action is to support the Montenegrin authorities to support Montenegro in achieving concrete results in judicial reform and in the fight against corruption and organized crime. This overall objective will on the one hand be reached by strengthening the overall efficiency and performance of the judiciary and enhance the capacities of the institutions to fight against corruption and organized crime. On the other hand, by strengthening judicial response to organized crime and corruption, through capacity building activities with a focus on certain aspects of adjudication of organized crime and corruption cases as well as support on case and trial management and identifying procedural bottlenecks that impede swift adjudication of cases and providing support on improving length and efficiency of court procedures.



  • Improved efficiency and performance of the judiciary
  • Improved Judicial Cooperation delivered and in place
  • Improved performance of the Institutions involved in meeting standards under Chapters 23 & 24 and IPA assistance
  • Improved track record in fighting organized crime and corruption


Government of Montenegro
Funding programme:
Implementation period:
February 2022 – July 2024

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