Support for the strategy for voluntary tax compliance in the Slovak Republic

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Project description



Provision of technical support to strengthen the tax compliance in the Slovak Republic by increasing of the voluntary tax compliance through the elaboration of a Voluntary Tax Compliance Strategy (VTCS) and an action plan for its implementation with proposals for measures to reduce tax gap, i.e. the difference between the tax which would theoretically be collected by the state and the tax actually collected, by utilizing the increase of voluntary compliance as its main tool.


  • Gap and needs assessment in the areas of voluntary tax compliance in the financial administration elaborated
  • Voluntary Tax Compliance Strategy (VTCS) developed
  • Detailed action plan for the implementation of the strategy for voluntary tax compliance prepared



Slovak Republic
Financial Directorate of Slovak Republic
Funding programme:
SRSP (Structural Reform Support Programme); Predecessor of TSI (Technical Support Instrument)
Implementation period:
April 2018 – March 2019

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