Implementation of new approaches and tools for improving tax compliance of large taxpayers in Romania

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Project description



This project aims at providing technical support to the NAFA to experiment with and make good use of modern tools like Horizontal Monitoring and Data Mining for improving the tax compliance of large taxpayers. The findings of the predecessor SRSS-Project “Technical support to strengthen the capacity and improve the risk management and auditing functions related to large taxpayers within the National Agency for Fiscal Administration of Romania” will be taken into account and build the base for this follow-up project.



  • Improvement of voluntary compliance of large taxpayers in Romania;
  • Further reduction of the average audit duration;
  • Further reduction of the cost of collection;
  • Making better use of the (tax) data at the agency’s disposal;
  • Additional corporate income tax revenues.


National Agency for Fiscal Administration (NAFA)
Funding programme:
TSI (Technical Support Instrument)
Implementation period:
September 2021-September 2023

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