New CPS (Public Employment Service) & Subsidy Schemes Management System (Intermediate Body)


The first project phasewill be used to analyze the current digital priorities in PES’s and IB’s ongoing digital transformation process, whereas Phase B will refer to as the lmplementation phase for the mentioned projects


  • Reviewing and evaluating the existing Candidates Placement System (CPS), PES IT Core System in comparison to available systems & best practices
  • Support in decision making to either develop or purchase a new IT Core System (Candidates Placement System – CPS)
  • Designing an advanced Skills Matching Mechanism / Tool to achieve more accurate results for matching jobseekers with vacancies
  • Analyzing and proposing additional applications to enable more effective and more efficient services for citizens and companies, such as jobseeker profiles and early warnings for vulnerable groups- based on new and enhanced (digital) channels


Department of Labour
Funding programme:
Implementation period:
September 2023 – April 2024

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