Technical support to strengthen the capacity and improve the risk management and auditing functions related to large taxpayers within the national agency for fiscal administration of Romania

Großaufnahme von Hand einer Geschäftsfrau, die Berechnungen mit Hilfe des Taschenrechners macht

Project description



Provision of technical support to contribute to strengthening tax compliance and collection of the NAFA in the area of risk management and auditing of large taxpayers by improving and building the capacity of the LTDG with the aim to put in place streamlined, more efficient and effective administration of large taxpayers, as well as an enhanced capacity of the staff in performing of core business processes such as risk analysis and auditing of large taxpayers.


  • Functioning of the LTDG improved by strengthening of the administrative capacity, enhancing competences and skills, implementing streamlined processes, procedures and audit technics
  • Capacity of LTGD strengthened, i.e. expertise, professional knowledge and capability of the auditors of LTGD for risk management and performing audits of large taxpayers
  • Level of compliance as a result of better services and communication with the taxpayers increased
  • Increased revenues notably as a result of the increased voluntary compliance increased and quality of the audits improved



Romanian National Agency for Fiscal Administration (NAFA) – General Directorate for Administration of Large Taxpayers (LTDG)
Funding programme:
SRSP (Structural Reform Support Programme); Predecessor of TSI (Technical Support Instrument)
Implementation period:
February 2019 – August 2020

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