Technical assistance action to support tourism planning and policy for the promotion of sustainable tourism development in Greece

Meereslandschaft mit Segeln am Wasser vor den griechischen Inseln

Project description



Provision of technical support for the promotion of sustainable tourism policies, instruments and investments to make tourism an effective tool for economic development. The focus of the project was to enhance the understanding of tourism from different perspectives and to foster ethical and responsible business practices and policies in the field of tourism in order to ensure the quality of the service. In parallel, the project explored in detail potential funding mechanisms that can support tourism investments. Additionally, in order to extend the tourism season, emphasis was given to the development of new touristic products specific to the Greek context.


  • Tools for strategic policy making improved
  • Client-oriented tourism enhanced
  • Education and training in tourism performed
  • New alternative tourist products developed


Hellenic Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism
Funding programme:
SRSP (Structural Reform Support Programme); Predecessor of TSI (Technical Support Instrument)
Implementation period:
July 2016 – September 2017

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