Creation and implementation of the national eHealth centre in the Czech Republic

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Project description


Provision of technical support to contribute to the successful establishment of a National eHealth Centre (NeHC) enabling smooth implementation of eHealth services into the Czech health care system, resulting in safer, more available and cost-effective care and enhancing social and territorial cohesion. The implementation of the NeHC will contribute to the development of effective and sustainable eHealth solutions that are proven to be conducive to provide better quality services at lower cost, thus improving the cost-effectiveness and fiscal sustainability of the Czech healthcare system.


Framework and the scenarios for a possible NeHC are developed and implemented, including:

  • the definition of the mandate (extensive or limited) of the NeHC,
  • its governance structure, operating principles, rules and legal framework as well as its institutional structure, funding source, basic human resources and capital and operational budget,
  • a detailed definition of an organisation chart,
  • priority eHealth projects to be implemented by the NeHC
  • a road map for NeHC implementation



Czech Republic
Czech Ministry of Health
Funding programme:
SRSP (Structural Reform Support Programme); Predecessor of TSI (Technical Support Instrument)
Implementation period:
February 2018 – June 2020

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